Caregivers and Burnout

Taking care of an elderly family member can be satisfying, but also quite demanding. Having your parent live with you at home may seem like it will solve a lot of issues, but it can get complicated if you are responsible for all their meals, transportation, and if or when new health challenges arise. Adult-children caregivers […]

International: What are all those Acronyms?

These days people move a lot, nationally and internationally. Families may find themselves living in countries very different from where they come from because one of the parents is in the military or employed by a multinational company. Many kids who have experienced a change of culture (or cultures!) when they’re young settle in quite well […]

A New Practice in a Pandemic

“We must stop being meaning-seekers & embrace being meaning-makers. The former leaves us vulnerable, while the latter is deeply empowering.”                                                                           […]

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