Creativity Coaching


Many creatives—especially women juggling parenthood, caregiving, and artistic work—can use support for their creative practice. In conventional workshop settings, women especially are often discouraged from addressing the personal resonance of their art or writing, let alone its healing function in their lives. Dr. Coco is very attuned to the difficulties of bringing one’s creative work forward.

As a published poet, Dr. Coco is experienced in adding this layer of reflection on how one’s art is rooted in one’s life. She completed the Introductory and Advanced Creativity Coaching with Dr. Eric Maisel and is available for mentoring/consulting on developing one’s artistic or poetic practice.

 Dr. Coco contributed a chapter on the psychology of developing one’s writing practice to a book on women poets. (See Mythotropism: A Psychology of Writing (to) Myth” found in Women Versed in Myth.) 

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