Links to published poems:

Scar let   Woe man, a chapbook from Tammy (2016).

Dress Forms, a chapbook from dancing girl press (2016).

“Bunny-Hole” from the Antioch Review, Winter 2010:

“Holy Child Sonnet” in 1913: A Journal of Forms:

“Wondrous Cross”: 1913: A Journal of Forms #3

“Be-Hold, Be-Head” in Tidal Basin Review (Summer 2010)

Umbrella (Spring 2009): “pot with lid as lid of pot”

Cirque, Vol. 1 Issue 2: “Salmon Queen”

Woman Made Gallery: Her Mark 2010 datebook. “Balm 23”

“Latter Rain” and “Happy Hour At The Sagebrush Cantina” in the Mojave River Review, Summer 2014 issue (p. 182ff)

“When I Consider How My Light Was Spent #2” in the Star 82 Review, with art by Shane Guffogg

“Make-Believe Resume” and “–Strung–” from the Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche

“Her, e    He re” and “Femmish” in the special portfolio titled “Sexted Up – Wording In – Gen(d)re Qweery” of Loose Change (Winter 2015)

“Lacklustrous” and “To The Anglo-Saxon Insult” in Cordite Poetry Review 49: Obsolete (2014):

“Id entity” in the “Restless” e-zine, by Wild Age Press:

Honorable Mention for 3 poems in The Feminist Wire’s first annual Poetry Contest, judged by Evie Shockley:

Five poems from my “Bee-Lines” manuscript in the Spring 2015 issue of Lime Hawk:

“K ill ing  Me   Wit h  His  Son g”   and   “My  Tex ts,  L Ike  Ghostly  Ex es” in Sprung Formal, Spring 2015, pages 13-14: 

“Downward-Facing Lotus” and “Graft” from the Petals in the Pan Anthology, A.J. Huffman & April Salzano, eds.

“Mark-Making” in Pioneertown Lit, Nov. 2015, with painting by Shane Guffogg

“Elucidary” in Small Po[r]tions Journal, Oct. 2015, with painting by Shane Guffogg


“Xenotropism: Expatriatism in Theories of Depth Psychology and Artistic Vocation” in:    The Concept of the Foreign: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue, edited by Rebecca Saunders